GSoC’16 Work Product

I spent my 2016’s summer doing a GSoC Project titled as ‘Proxies in NetworkManager’. I worked with NetworkManager team and also contributed to PacRunner which forms a very important part of this project.

I feel privileged to be mentored by David Woodhouse for the project. The project is more closely described here.

In short, the goal of this project was to bring proxies to be properly used and not to be skipped because of several issues the previous design had.

Milestones have been achieved in steps which are briefly pointed in:

Related Blogs:

Project required work in three packages and they are NetworkManager, PacRunner  and nm-applet.

PacRunner part was an independent and important one. The commit links of patches which i submitted and were accepted:

Patches that were submitted at the time of writing this blog:

Then i moved to NetworkManager daemon and submitted patches for proxy support:

The confirmation mail of patches being accepted:

When everything was working alright i stepped ahead and submitted patches for providing proxy feature via GUI (nm-connection-editor):

Patches are also stored in Google Drive Folder.


04-10-2016: Patches merged in NM master:

05-10-2016: Patches merged in PACRunner master: